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Steel Images is a privately owned and operated business out of Carnegie, Oklahoma. It is a husband (Austin) and wife (Telisa) operation that specializes in CNC cut metal artwork. What started out five years ago as a creative hobby of Telisa's, with a simple hand held plasma cutter and a few sheets of steel, has morphed into much more. We have now produced many pieces and fine tuned our process throughout the way.

What separates us from traditional metal art is our attention to detail, and the quality of materials in our products. We use thick steel, (10-14 gauge) thickness. Many cheaper products you find in retail are mass produced. These products are usually easily bendable, flimsy, thin gauge metal. They are not made to withstand the test of time. Whereas, our products are made to last. They are quite the opposite of what you will find in retail stores. Not one of our patina pieces are the same. When you purchase from us, you are getting a one of a kind piece. 

Another extremely important component (and what most our competitors lack) is a high quality clear-coat finish. Most metal art you find today is simply spray painted or powder coated and shipped out the door. This finish is guaranteed to fade or in the case of outdoor pieces, totally fail and cause rust and corrosion in no time. We finish all our pieces with the same high quality 2-part automotive clear-coat GM uses on the Corvette. This not only guarantees a pristine piece for decades to come, but also adds a really nice "dipped in glass" shine.