Deer Skull in Arrowhead

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This buck in arrowhead metal art would go great with any Native American or wildlife decor.


Dimensions - 16" X 9.5” 

Material: 12-gauge steel


Finished with a variety of chemicals that cause an array of colorful effects on steel. Each piece is totally unique, and while we do have some control over the finished look, no two pieces will ever be exactly the same. The piece you receive may have slight color variations from the picture on our site.


Each one receives two coats of PPG DELTRON DC3000 automotive clear-coat. That gives you a maintenance-free color coat that compares to the finest automotive finish. By most standards, that is a 15-20 yr. life, even outdoors. 

How to Hang-

We incorporate welded hooks on the back of these to assist with mounting.

Please note that we do not include the mounting hardware.

Shipping Time-

  Please allow 5-7 days for manufacturing and finishing of your items.

All items will be shipped in a custom double-wall cardboard box and the piece encased in news print and bubble wrap to maximize protection.